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Project Id

Project Description

This is a contract position.

Project Description:

1) Testing of sales contracts to identify potential impacts

2) Tracing sampled contracts with rebates / incentives (variable consideration) to the accrual general ledger account; examining the estimation and accrual process

3) Documentation of gap analysis

Work Description and Role:

1) Trace sampled contracts with rebates / incentives (variable consideration) to the general ledger accrual account; examine the estimation and accrual process

2) Test sample of revenue contracts.

  • Testing will be performed through the use of a predefined set of criteria developed to identify areas of potential impact from applying the new revenue standard.

3) Identify how estimates are determined and reported in the general ledger for sampled sales contracts with variable consideration.

4) Document variations in practice across global locations when accounting for variable considerations.

Desired Level or Experience:

  • Big 4 experience
  • Audit experience preferred
  • CPA required
  • Minimum senior accountant level with experience and knowledge of ASC 605, ASC 606 and IFRS 15 (the revenue recognition standards)

Desired Skills: 

  • Strong oral and written communication skills required; with emphasis on understanding and tailoring deliverable for Executive level management
  • Knowledge of and experience with current and new revenue recognition accounting standards is required.
  • Self-starter, ability to work with limited oversight on a specified project to completion under tight deadlines

Required experience:

  • Revenue: 1 year
  • IFRS: 1 year
  • ASC: 1 year
  • CPA: 1 year

This Project is seeking consultants.

Project Location:
This is not a remote position.
This position does not require travel.

Project Salary - Hourly
Minimum Range In Dollars:
Maximum Range In Dollars:

Functional Expertise

  • Accounting/General Ledger
  • Revenue Recognition

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