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Do you have a passion for bookkeeping, and looking for a flexible part-time position? Do you like the challenge of organizing a chaotic mess? Do people describe you as a take charge, yet, easy to get along with the kind-of-a person? Then you might be the right fit for this part-time bookkeeper position. 

The Bookkeeper MUST be proficient and able to prove proficient and knowledgeable in the QuickBooks online application. The part-time bookkeeper must have excellent communication and organization skills. The employee will need to know the basic functions of Microsoft Word and Excel. The ideal part-time bookkeeper is self-motivated and able to get the job done with little direction.


Under general supervision, create and maintain the accounting records for the company using the Quick Books Online applications. Reconcile all accounts as needed. Interface with outside accounting experts such as tax CPA, auditors, and Quick Books Certified ProAdvisor consultants. Assist the accounting department manager or owner in running and customizing reports that provide business analysis and results. Perform banking functions as required.


General Setup and Accounting Records:

* Create and maintain Quick Books Online company data. Understand the account and company setup steps and maintain a general knowledge of the major areas of the Quick Books Online application.

* Create and maintain Quick Books Online users, and set and maintain the appropriate access levels.

* Export periodic backups of the Quick Books Online company data.

* Create and maintain vendor records, including contact information, payment terms, and any other information required.

* Create and maintain customer records including contact, delivery and payment information.

* Customize the company invoice form and other forms, such as sales receipts and estimates (Plus only) as needed.

* Create and maintain employees including contact information, payroll salary or rate information, and related employment data, such as W-4s and other new hire paperwork.


* Write checks in Quick Books Online.

* Invoice customers. Upon approval, distribute invoices to customers via email or mail.

* Manage bills received from vendors 

* Create and maintain time to track records, if applicable. 

* Prepare estimates if requested. 

* If estimates are used, match invoices to estimates. If time tracking is used, tie to invoicing. 

* Record bank transactions as needed. Download bank transactions into bank accounts .

* Prepare or monitor the preparation of payroll.

* Make journal entries as directed.

Reporting and Reconciliation:

* Track the cash balance and alert owner or manager with regular cash flow reports.

* Customize and memorize reports for the owner, outside accounting experts, government agencies, outside payroll services, and other interested parties. These reports include account balances, profit and loss figures, and transactional reports.

* Reconcile bank accounts and perform account analysis on assets and liability accounts. (Note: this duty should be segregated from the employee who receives the checks and goes to the bank.)

* Prepare 1099s for application vendors. (Plus only)

* Make (or ensure they’re made) payroll tax deposits, and create and file (or ensure it’s done) payroll tax reports.

* Create and file sales tax reports.

Interfaces and Miscellaneous:

* Make bank deposits, order checks, verify bank drafts and charges, and resolve bank errors.

* Work with CPA and Quick Books Certified ProAdvisor consultant as requested.

* Answer questions from vendors, employees, and customers about their bills, paychecks, and invoices.

* Understand the capabilities of each level of Quick Books Online including Free, Basic, and Plus.

* Understand the add-ons that work with Quick Books Online, such as payroll, credit cards, and online banking. Be knowledgeable about what’s available.

* Stay briefed on Intuit updates and news that affect the Quick Books Online application and accounting rules and requirements.

* Perform miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.


* Excellent knowledge of computers and the Internet. Work fluently with Microsoft Office, email, browsers, Windows operating systems, andPCs.

* Ability and knack for working with numerical data. Attention to detail. Accurate.

* Solid understanding of the three levels of Quick Books Online application: Free, Basic, and Plus.

* Knowledge of double-entry bookkeeping is preferred but not required.

* Knowledge of business and accounting terms such as profit, ROE, assets, liabilities, etc.

* Ability to effectively manage time, meet deadlines, and work under pressure.

* Ability to work independently and as a member of a team.

* Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

* Knowledge of general office procedures, such as copying, faxing, filing, and shredding.

* Innovative and creative in the form of continuous improvement to internal processes.

* Flexible and adaptable to change.

Required education:

  • Associate

This Project is seeking consultants.

Project Location:
This is not a remote position.
This position does not require travel.

Project Salary - Hourly
Minimum Range In Dollars:
Maximum Range In Dollars:

Functional Expertise

  • Accounting/General Ledger
  • Bookkeeping

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